Dragon Saikyō-ō Zukan: Battle Colosseum announced

Dragon Saikyō-ō Zukan: Battle Colosseum

Japanese developer Nippon Columbia has announced Dragon Saikyō-ō Zukan: Battle Colosseum, a new game in the popular kids’ franchise Strongest King Encyclopedia.

Dragon Saikyō-ō Zukan: Battle Colosseum is launching for Nintendo Switch on July 4th in Japan, via the eShop and retail.

Here’s a rundown on the franchise and the game:

What is the Strongest King Encyclopedia series?

The “Strongest King” series is a series of simulation battle books created based on the concept of “deciding the strongest by having fierce fighters of various genera, such as animals and dinosaurs, fight each other in a tournament format.

What would happen if a polar bear and an African elephant fought? Who would be the strongest if mythological gods fought? …… This series brings such dream-like battles to life.

This series, the originator and pinnacle of tournament-style “battle illustrated books,” is supported mainly by elementary school students and has sold more than 4.3 million copies in total. The series is also widely distributed as card games, figures, apparel, and premium toys, etc. An animated TV series will begin airing in January 2024, and is a highly anticipated content series.

Dragon Saikyō-ō Zukan: Battle Colosseum

Breed the strongest dragon and aim to win the battle tournament!

The game is based on the question, “Which of the various dragons from mythology and folklore around the world would be the strongest if pitted against each other? In order to fulfill such an imagination, a battle tournament will be held to pit dragons against each other. Players will summon and train various dragons and aim to win the battle tournament to determine the strongest dragon king.


  • A variety of unique dragons – A total of 48 types of dragons, including 24 species with or without limbs or wings, various attribute classifications, lore regions, and body sizes, as well as their mutant variants, are available!
  • The key to success is to train your dragon to develop its strengths and compensate for its weaknesses – The real fun of the game lies in training each dragon according to its individual abilities, such as strength, attack, defense, speed, accuracy, and evasion.
  • The new battle system using mana is hot – During battle, the player decides which attacks and defenses the dragon will perform based on the amount of “mana,” the points required to activate the dragon’s attack and defense skills. In addition, the player’s decisions on when and where to activate the trump card, the “support card” (which supports attack and defense), and other factors will determine the outcome of the battle.
  • Let’s battle your pride and joy with your friends via online communication – The game supports online communication*1 and local communication, so you can enjoy battles between your dragons with your friends and other online players. There are three types of battle formats: 1 vs. 1, 3 vs. 3, and 3 vs. 3 (winner-takes-all). You can choose the class of the tournament to fight in accordance with your dragon’s rank.

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