Dragon Quest XI for PS4 and 3DS Officially Announced

dragon quest xi 07-28-15-1

During Square-Enix’s Dragon Quest announcement stream it was announced Dragon Quest XI will be released for Playstation 4 and the 3DS.

Then at the end a very surprising announcement that Dragon Quest XI is also in development for Nintendo’s upcoming NX platform, although it’s unclear if this will come to fruition, as Square Enix is “considering” the platform at this time.

The game is being directed by Takeshi Uchikawa and produced by Yosuke Saito, with music composed by Koichi Sugiyama.


Both versions will have the same story content as well as utilizing the traditional turn-based battle system that has been a staple of the Dragon Quest series, however they will have different teams developing each title.

While the Playstation 4 version is being handled by Japanese studio Orca for Unreal Engine 4, the 3DS version is being developed by the same core staff, alongside some help by Toylogic.

The 3DS version is sporting a unique dual view where it shows the game in 3D on the top screen, and in a retro 2D style on the bottom screen while exploring. When in battles it will switch to either 3D or a 2D view depending on your preference.

We’ll keep you guys updated as soon as more information has been revealed.



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