Dragon Quest Builders finally gets PC release in February

Dragon Quest Builders

Square Enix is finally releasing the original Dragon Quest Builders for PC next month, nearly a decade after its debut.

Dragon Quest Builders is coming to Windows PC (via Steam) on February 13th, for $27.99. Owners of its sequel, Dragon Quest Builders 2, can get the first game for a discount.

The original Dragon Quest Builders has been available for PS3, PS Vita, PS4, Switch, and smartphones.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

The first title in the BUILDERS series, DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS, is bringing its handy crafting features to Steam!

Gather, craft and build to defeat defeat the evil Dragonlord and restore Alefgard to it’s former glory!

In a world made out of blocks, everything that you see can be materials used to create! Farm ingredients, craft various items and build your base to unite the people roaming the ruins. From buildings to entire towns, you have the freedom to make your village your very own.


BUILDERS is set in the realm of Alefgard, the setting for the first ever DRAGON QUEST game. The world of Alefgard has been plunged into darkness, its light stolen by the evil Dragonlord, and this story begins with the appearance of a young hero with a mysterious ability to build things… And so the stage is set for an epic tale in which the dark world of Alefgard is returned to life with the power of creation!

The first DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS title, helpful crafting features include:

  • Place blocks remotely, or destroy blocks with ease, with just a single click of the mouse!
  • Now Includes a helpful Undo feature, which allows you to put things back to how they were before!
  • Now Featuring Big Bash, a useful feature introduced in DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 that allows you to break all objects in a particular area in one go!
  • Terra Incognita, BUILDERS’ free build stage, the stackable block height is doubled!
  • Includes fun side content, like collecting figurines of NPCs and monsters, or gathering pixels and exchanging them for a variety of handy items!
  • Use Build Cards to share buildings with other players and bring their buildings to life on your island!

Includes all DLC from previous versions of DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS!

The Steam version of DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS includes all of the DLC from past versions including the free build mode, Terra Incognita: Magic Carpet, Boss Monster Model Set, Astronomy Set and Pixel Ring.



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