Dragon Ball: The Breakers – Gameplay Tips You Might Not Know

Dragon Ball: The Breakers

Do you know what it takes to be the best at Dragon Ball: The Breakers? If not, we will be covering some key information you might have missed in our Dragon Ball: The Breakers coverage.

In Dragon Ball: The Breakers, seven players look to survive against one iconic DBZ Villain. These battles do not take place in the direct Dragon Ball storyline but in time-space anomalies.

During these anomalies, players get to play as either the survivor or the raider. In this article, we will be going over some gameplay details you might have missed or were unaware of:

Dragon Ball: The Breakers gameplay tips and tutorial

Dragon Ball the Breakers takes place in the same universe as Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. If you have been looking at the game going those graphics look rather familiar, and you would be right. The game uses the same engine as Xenoverse 2 with some of its bugs coming through, but we will talk about those later.

When first booting up the game, players are thrown into a tutorial level where they are introduced to Trunks. Trunks gives a slow run down on how to survive against the raiders in a match and how to work as a team. The tutorial gives players a basic rundown but doesn’t go into much depth; in fact, when it comes to a majority of the game mechanics it is rather lacking.

The tutorial doesn’t highlight most of the player’s special abilities, using the Dragonballs or other items, or Transformations. Additionally, it does not show the player how to play as the raider. Unless you watch other people’s videos or have tried it a few times yourself, it can be rather complicated, especially with Majin Buu. Reading through the manuals can help.

Gameplay – World Hub

Once the tutorial is complete or you have decided to skip it. The player is introduced to the world hub. The world hub is rather small featuring a shop, a mailbox, a redemption area, a character design area, a manual bot, a skill training area, and a Gacha game shop (Spirit Siphon). The game’s shop is divided between ETC, Raider, and Visual Items. Items can be purchased with Zeni or TP tokens; most of the desirable customization items cost real money.

When it comes to the training menu, players can learn new super attacks or upgrade skills. Both require Super Warrior Spirits to unlock. Super attacks can be learned either through the training menu or by pulling a character in the Gacha shop. Once a character has been unlocked, they can be equipped in the Dragon Change area of the Battle Settings menu; skills can also be equipped in the Battle Settings menu.

Players can level the Raiders by going to the menu and selecting view all raiders. Once in that menu, players can level up the raider using skill points that they have earned while playing as the raider. This is very easy to overlook and we found it after 20+ hours into the game. The player can reduce the Raider’s ability cooldowns and unlock new skills.

Finally, the Spirit Siphon menu grants players the chance to unlock some of their favorite Z fighters. Players can use tickets, Zeni, or TP for a chance at their favorite Z-Fighter. The game does feature the option to buy a specific fighter outright using different options. Once the player cashes in for a ball, the Z-Fighter gained has a specific star value, ability, and potentially a special ability; it is possible to get the same roll multiple times, luckily the game does refund you in some manner.

Players can earn TP tokens, Zeni, Super Warrior Spirit Energy, Tickets, and items through the Dragon Tier Battle Pass.

Gameplay  – In-Game (Survivor)

When starting matchmaking, the player has the option to search for a room, host one, or to search for a specific one. Matchmaking on Xbox can take a while with the average wait time exceeding the expected wait time. Players can invite their friends into the lobby. While in the lobby, players can choose their desired role and their map preference. When loading into the game, players can choose their survival kit.

Once in the game, players are split up throughout the map and must search for the Power Keys. Power Keys unlock the Super Time Machine which is one of the ways Survivors can win. Survivors can win the match by having the Super Time Machine Charge, escaping in a time machine, or defeating the raider. If the Super Time Machine is destroyed, Trunks will send time machine nodes; the nodes are marked with a blue light that the player must activate. Once in the time machine, you will need to channel the engine in order to escape. Be careful because the Raider can attack it and force you out of it.

Survivors can take down the raider by Dragon Changing into a Z-fighter and attacking the raider; the Dragon Change meter can go up to 4 with the use of the Dragon Balls. The Dragon Balls can grant other wishes based on what has been unlocked. Items can also be used to take down the raider; the game grants a rocket launcher and Vegeta’s gloves to fight the raider. Other items can be used to help the player survive. against the Raider or to revive other players. Downed players can be revived within a certain amount of time.

Gameplay – In Game (Raider)

Although playing as the Raider is rare, it can still be a lot of fun. Who doesn’t like asserting their dominance? If you prefer to play as the raider, selecting it as a priority grants you a better chance but doesn’t guarantee the role. After each match not in the desired role, a priority marker is assigned. During our time playing, the highest marker we saw was priority seven.

When loading into the game, the raiding player has the option to choose between Cell, Majin Buu, or Frieza. Cell by far is the most difficult to start with due to being unable to fly or use any abilities at first. Taking down civilians or players grants the raider energy in order to transform. If playing as Majin Buu, Stage one Spopovich must take the energy from down players to Buu’s egg. Once Super Buu is ready to transform into Kid Buu, players are transported into Super Buu’s stomach. Players will stay in there until Innocent Buu is freed from a cacoon.

After transforming, the Raider is able to destroy a section of the map and potentially down enemies within it. Once the Super time machine is active, the raider can destroy it and destroy regular time machines. The raider can also grab Dragonballs and radars. With the Dragon Balls, the raider can wish to be immortal, level up, or have their health restored.

Once you have leveled up as the raider, you can level up your abilities in the game’s world hub. The single token can be used to reduce the cooldown of abilities, the energy it takes to transform, and even increase your kill distance.

Did you know all these gameplay details? Did you find any of this information helpful? Is there something we missed that should be shared? Let us know in the comments.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is now available worldwide across Windows PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In case you missed it, you can find our thorough review for the game here.

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