Dragon Age Creator Mike Laidlaw and Ubisoft Vets Establish New Studio Yellow Brick Games

yellow brick games

Dragon Age series creative director Mike Laidlaw has announced a new games development studio with various Ubisoft veterans.

Laidlaw has formed Yellow Brick Games with Ubisoft veteran developers Frederic St-Laurent B., Jeff Skalski, and Thomas Giroux. Their goal is to make “focused, high-quality titles that put the player experience first,” including “innovative gameplay and original IPs.”

Here’s a rundown on the company:

One brick at a time…

Yellow Brick Games was founded in 2020, in beautiful Quebec City, the provincial capital and growing game development hub in Canada. The studio was founded by a group of industry veterans who found themselves keen to work with an agile team, on projects that could deliver innovative and emergent gameplay crafted by a small, highly skilled team.

We believe very strongly in creating digital playgrounds. The more interactivity and freedom a game can give to a player, the more immersive and compelling it can be, so long as there are clear rules that guide those interactions. We feel that a truly emergent game can engage players through their own creativity and will offer tools that let our players share those experiences.

Yellow Brick Games takes the challenge of building a healthy culture as seriously as building great games. Ours is a culture of commitment, where the team guides the work that can be done in each block of time, and each member accepts responsibility for and commitment to their own deadlines. We take wellness seriously, and our schedules are designed with flex in mind to account for the unpredictable nature of game creation and to leave room for inspiration.

Yellow Brick Games is proud to be an equal-opportunity employer, and strongly believe that the best creative teams are made up of diverse members and strongly encourage people from all backgrounds to apply. Games are for everyone and the market is global, and evolving in real time: a team with a rich mixture of perspectives and skills is best equipped to excel in such a dynamic environment.


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