Dragalia Lost is shutting down in November 2022

Dragalia Lost

Publisher Nintendo and developer Cygames announced the shutdown date for Dragalia Lost, the publisher’s first original mobile game.

Dragalia Lost is shutting down on November 30th at 1 AM Eastern, solidfying the previously announced shutdown for the smartphone title.

The games Diamantium currency is now longer up for purchase as of today, and the various upgrades and packs you can buy with Diamantium will no longer be sold beginning October 30th at 2 AM Eastern. Players will be able to use Diamantium on other in-game things until the entire title is shut down in November.

When the game does get fully sunset in November, an end of service message will be presented when launching, and the live-service game won’t be playable anymore.

Dragalia Lost has been available for smartphones since 2018 on both iOS (via App Store) and Android (via Google Play).

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