Dr. Stone season 3 begins next month

The third season of Dr. Stone will begin next month as part of the Spring 2023 anime season.

The new season titled Dr. Stone New World was announced last year.

Dr. Stone is a science fiction series that follows a young genius named Senku. Sometime in the 21st century, everyone on Earth was petrified and turned into stone by an unknown phenomena. Thousands of years pass, and Senku is able to break free from his petrification.

With his quick thinking, Senku is able to figure out a cure for the petrification, but after thousands of years most of humanity has likely broken or crumbled. But that doesn’t stop him from reawakening his friends.

With a goal in mind, Senku wants to jumpstart civilization and ultimately figure out the cause behind the global petrification.

The first two seasons of Dr. Stone can be found on the Crunchyroll streaming service.

The third season will premiere on April 6.



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