DrDisrespect’s new shooter DEADROP surfaces online, he touts it as a CoD killer


We still don’t know much on DrDisrespect’s new shooter but it has quietly surfaced under the name DEADROP, with some gameplay too.

“I can take a screenshot right now… blows out anything from CoD engine. Just wait until next month,” DrDisrespect said in a post after the game started making waves on social media.

The popular streamer responded after a fan asked for some gameplay footage of his upcoming NFT-based shooter. Despite the Doc saying gameplay is coming later, it would seem that footage of the game has surfaced online, and the game has a name:

As it stands right now, the game appears to be in very early stages of development and is little more than a shooting range.

Soon after, DrDisrespect officially unveiled the name of his game as DEADROP, a “vertical-extraction shooter, or a VES. The game is being developed by his developer, Midnight Society, a “AAA game studio”.

It’s clear that DEADROP has potential, but has this reveal really achieved what DrDisrespect stated in that initial tweet? I guess that is up to the audience to decide.

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