Dorohedoro sequel announced


A sequel to the anime adaptation of Dorohedoro has been announced.

The upcoming sequel was announced on the series official X (formerly Twitter) account.

Dorohedoro is a post-apocalyptic story that takes place across multiple dimensions that began as a manga in 2000 by Q Hayashida, and published by Shogakukan inc. Humans are corralled in a dimension called The Hole, a stifling run-down city. While the other is the Sorcerers’ World, where magic-casting humanoids live that are indistinguishable from humans at a glance.

Sorcerers generate magical effects through the use of “Smoke,” which is produced in a special organ only sorcerers possess. The hierarchy of the Sorcerers’ World is determined by powerful families that produce the most “Smoke” and have the most powerful abilities.

In a world rife with inequalities, the sorcerers regularly practice their magic on the humans; few restrictions keep them from entering The Hole and terrorizing its residents. Caiman is one such victim, his head transformed into that of a lizard and his memories stolen; although is transformation has rendered him impervious to most magic.

He sets off with his companion Nikaido to fight back against the sorcerers that are terrorizing The Hole and find the one that transformed him and stole his memories. Curiously, this involves putting a sorcerer head-first into his mouth to be “judged” as the sorcerer who did it.

A premiere date for the upcoming Dorohedoro sequel has yet to be announced.



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