Orc re-education camp strategy game Don’t Kill Them All announced

Don't Kill Them All

Ship of Fools developer Fika Productions has announced their next game: the orc re-education camp strategy game Don’t Kill Them All.

Don’t Kill Them All is in development for Windows PC (via Steam) and consoles, with a 2026 release. A Kickstarter campaign is also running to help fund the remainder of the game, with a 100,000 CA$ (roughly $73,000 USD) funding goal.

“We’re so excited to announce our emotionally attuned Orcs to the world,” said Antoine Grégoire-Slight, producer and co-founder of Fika Productions. “Never before have these creatures learned about sensitivity, camaraderie, and sustainability in such depth – Don’t Kill Them All is treading fresh ground in the Orc compendium.”

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer and a deep dive video:

Don’t Kill Them All is a turn-based strategy and base-building game in which you teach Orcs to develop mindfulness by discovering passions, navigating emotions, and developing healthy relationships.


Skulls pile up, but the coffers are empty. Blinded by their constant destructive urges, the Orcs leave nothing standing in their wake. A simple raid for wood resources quickly turns into a massacre and clear-cutting. Something has to change, and fast.

You assume the role of a self-proclaimed Life Coach with an extraordinary solution:

As a Half-Orc raised by Elves, your goal is to help the Orcs out of their plight. They’re family, after all!

Mindful Tactical Combat

Strategize and fight in turn-based and grid-based encounters to maximize resource collection while ensuring that your Orcs return home safely and motivated.

Restraint doesn’t come easily to an Orc. When you attack, you might end up damaging the very resources you’re out to gather or creatures you’re trying to protect. Orcs’ listening skills also aren’t the best—you can only make so many commands before you run out of energy, so choose your moves sparingly!

Base building with a lot of heart

Pamper your Orcs by building structures, amenities, and decorations so they can discover new hobbies that will surely develop into useful passions!

Camp is where the Orc-heart is. It’s a space for your orcs to embrace their passions and nurture their wellbeing, be that through doing some yoga, baking, raising animals, or putting on a magic show. It’s also, of course, a place for a good old fight!

Plan your journey

To gather precious resources, take your Orcs out on daring raids! Choose your party to explore procedurally generated environments filled to the brim with strange creatures, glittering loot, and intriguing mysteries.

Those who stay will take pleasure in engaging in self-care activities, maintaining the mindful stability of your camp as a result.

Passion is power

Get to know and bond with your Orcs, find out what makes them tick, and help them grow into the beautiful flowers they were always meant to be.

Your Orcs will express interest in different activities and hobbies. If acted on, these interests can develop into passions that offer unique ways to engage and interact with the world.

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