Donate To Bard’s Tale IV, Get Updated Bard’s Tale 1-3

There had been talk amongst fans (and even Fargo himself) that the first three Bard’s Tale games, as old as they may be, should be put into the rewards pot for Bard’s Tale IV‘s Kickstarter. It seemed like quite the impossible task, considering monolithic Electronic Arts owned the rights and with their own Origin service, it wasn’t likely they’d let such a big name IP go for free when they could tether it to their digital download site and get free members.

Well you can put another check-mark in the column for “reasons why we might forgive EA”, since they just gave the green light to inXile and will allow them to distribute the first 3 Bard’s Tale games as backer rewards starting at $20.

What’s even better is that the games will, much like the Wasteland 1 re-issue, be updated to run natively on modern systems without the need for DOSbox. Though they will be giving DOSbox-emulated versions of the game out initially, they are asking Bard’s Tale III programmer Rebecca “Burger” Heineman to update the games. Once her work is done and the newer versions are complete, they will be distributed to backers via their website.

No doubt, this news will help them accrue an even bigger pile of loot, probably reaching an extra stretch goal or two.

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  1. FalseTragedian
    June 12, 2015 at 12:07 am

    You didn’t expect this to happen? I think they deserve a little credit for doing the exact same thing with Wasteland…