Don Bluth Kickstarting All-New Dragon’s Lair Feature Film


Dragon’s Lair, the legendary arcade classic, has surfaced again into the spotlight in a quest to head to movie screens everywhere. Legendary animator and director Don Bluth, along with animation director Gary Goldman, have joined forces to create a publicly funded project that will develop and release a fully animated Dragon’s Lair feature-film for release in theaters worldwide.

The pitch is for the return to hand-drawn animation, as well as to bring the historical video game classic to life around the world. This movie will not be made with modern computer generated imagery. Dragon’s Lair is a momentous piece of video game and cultural history, with a strong creative background.

Dragon’s Lair was originally released to arcades everywhere in 1983. Players play as Dirk The Daring, a young, strong knight, as he attempts to rescue Princess Daphne. The vicious dragon, Singe, has locked her away inside the castle of the wayward wizard, Murd-oc. Dragon’s Lair was lauded for it’s presentation, as it was a game that featured entirely hand-drawn animation.

Before development for the game began, Don Bluth was a talented animator working for The Walt Disney Company. From an animation and assistant role, he lent his talents into films such as Sleeping Beauty (1959), The Sword in The Stone (1963), and the anthropomorphic Robin Hood (1977). As Disney animation changed, conflicts arose between Disney and Don Bluth over story and characters. Along with Disney producer Gary Goldman, he left the company, becoming known as a “The Disney Defector” by the mass media.They founded their own studio and paired with Cinematronics to create Dragon’s Lair.

The Kickstarter hopes to fund a full demo video of what the movie will entail, complete with full, colored animation and voice-acting. This video will go to investors and companies in the hopes to greenlight the full production of the film for theatrical release. The goal for the Kickstarter is $550,000 and currently stands at roughly $62,000 as of this post. If you would like to consider funding the project, you should head on over to their Kickstarter.

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