Dog Unit Animation in Wargroove Altered So Dogs Never Go to Heaven

Chucklefish has slightly tweaked one of the character animations for their upcoming Advance Wars style fantasy turn-based strategy game Wargroove.

Lead programmer Rodrigo Monteiro revealed a new animation where the dog units within the game do not die.

Featured above, the new animation shows the dogs fighting against enemy archers. As the group loses health, one of the dogs runs away (unlike the archers who fall backwards and vanish into a white wisp).

Replying to others, Monteiro said that “We had this feedback A LOT at conventions!” It does not seem out of place with the game’s cutesy art-style, and one of the game’s major commanders is being a dog was sure to attract those with strong feelings for canines.

Wargroove heads to Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One in quarter-one of 2019.



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