Divinity: Original Sin is Getting a Board Game, Now on Kickstarter

Larian Studios is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund a board game based on their hit RPG series, Divinity: Original Sin.

In Divinity: Original Sin the Board Game, up to four players can team up for an adventure in the world of Rivellon. Players choose their path through a branching narrative, explore exotic locations, upgrade their characters, and fight enemies using mechanics based on the video game. You can check out the Kickstarter pitch video above.

The game also uses the Chronicle System, meaning that the game will come with a one-time use code that allows players to submit the choices their party made directly to Larian. These choices will shape future games and content in the Divinity franchise.

Pledges start at $120 for a standard copy of the game, but there are also pledges at $165 and $220 that include extra add-ons, expansions, and cool swag.

The campaign will last until December 20th, and is already over 300% funded above its initial $160,000 funding goal.

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