16-player “platformer royale” game Divine Rush announced

Divine Rush

Independent developer Gameloft has announced Divine Rush, what they’re calling a 16-player “platformer royale.”

Divine Rush is in development for Windows PC and a pre-alpha test is available now through April 8th, exclusively via the Epic Games Store.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Join a 16-player platformer royale as a champion of the gods. Cross the finish line ahead of the competition by outsmarting your rivals using shooting, hooking, or trapping tactics, collecting diamonds, and earning upgrades. Do you have what it takes to be the last one standing?

Engage in the ultimate 16-player platformer royale where you embody a champion of the gods to sprint through challenging courses, strategically use your hero’s special abilities to outrun and outsmart opponents or face elimination. Collect diamonds, steal from rivals, get upgrades, and be the last one standing, earning the favor of the gods in this fast-paced, elimination-style race.


  • Endless Fast-Paced Platformer Fun – Sprint, wall-run, plunge, dash, and avoid obstacles to beat your rivals to the finish line. Show off your platforming skills by using the environment to your advantage to navigate tricky obstacles, take speed lanes to gain the lead, time your jumps perfectly to get ahead, or masterfully cross large gaps. As you progress, the levels get more challenging, and there are infinite levels that are procedurally generated to make your play-through unique every time.
  • Outrun up to 16 sprinters – Only one hero can ascend. Compete against up to 16 runners and fight your way to cross the finish line before your competition or risk being eliminated. Use weapons such as fireballs, sunbeams, electric arks, and more to outsmart and outpace your rivals.
  • Choose your Hero & Refine your Runner’s Style – Every hero has a special ability, so choose the best one wisely to fit your runner’s style. Do you prefer an offensive, defensive, or speed-based approach? During each race, you can collect or steal diamonds, which will help you augment your hero’s ability list and give you an edge in the next round. You have the freedom to create endless play builds that cater to your play style. From jetpacks to shields, the choice is entirely yours!


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