Dislyte introduces expansion event including YouTube star Markiplier

Dislyte New Event Markiplier Thumbnail

Dislyte have announced their latest expansion, titled “Dusk & Dawn”, which introduces new characters, events, and storyline to the game.

The two main characters headlining this expansion are Esper sisters Leora and Elaine, who represent the goddess of war (Athena) and night (Nyx) respectively. The sisters reunite after 7 years, but now as enemies instead of family.

They aren’t the only new characters added into the game as they also announced the April Carnival limited time event. This brings an NPC based on YouTube star Markiplier himself.

Another online creator finding themselves in the game is vtuber Camillle, a wolf girl based on Norse mythology. Unlike Markiplier, she joins as a playable character one can obtain.

Here’s the trailer for the expansion:

Dislyte is available on Android and iOS.


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