Disgaea 7 officially announced with a 2023 release

Disgaea 7

Nippon Ichi Software has announced Disgaea 7, the newest mainline game in their strategy RPG series.

Disgaea 7 is launching on January 26th, 2023 across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 in Japan. NIS America has confirmed to Niche Gamer they currently have no plans for a western release, but this is likely due to the title just being announced.

Here’s the reveal trailer:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Disgaea 7

The stage is set for a Japanese-style demon world! With bushido in your hearts, slay the feckless Makuhari corruption!

A straggling samurai and an otaku girl! The uneven duo will take back the Japanese Demon Realm! The “Makai Senki Disgaea” series is a simulation RPG set in the unorthodox “Makai,” a world populated by demons, angels, and heroes!

In the latest title in the series, Disgaea 7, set in the Japanese-style demon world of “Hinomoto Makai Gun”, a stray samurai named “Fuji” and a girl named “Piriririka” who is a Hinomoto nerd, fight to “Overthrow the Great Unholy Makufu” and take back the devastated demon world of Hinomoto from the hands of invaders! The system is based on the traditional gameplay of the series.

In addition to the series’ traditional challenging elements, the game also features a new system that is even more powerful and destructive to common sense!
We present to you the all-new Disgaea 7!

Characters become super-sized!

The overwhelming sense of exhilaration of knocking down enemies with damage of an order of magnitude!

The “Makai Gun of Japan”! The “Grudge Spring Demon Realm” where the souls of grudge spirits gush out as hot springs, the “Sardine Demon Realm” that exists inside the body of a super-duper space sardine, the “Dead Land Demon Realm” with its fascinating maelstrom that has turned many demons into sea debris, etc.

In this world, which is made up of many unique demon worlds, many of the inhabitants follow the “Bushido,” a belief that is not unlike that of demons.

But that was a long time ago. With the arrival of the Kaijikai Army led by Demon Admiral Opener, Hinomoto has changed.

The demons living in Hinomoto now live according to the “Hinomoto Destroy Laws” established by Opener.

The Hinomoto Destroy Laws. One, Destroy bushido, etc. Second, anyone who complains about salaries or taxes is to be killed. Three, no thanks to friendship and love.
Please flatter the strong and frustrate the weak. 5. Fighting is the flower of the demon world, so please fight more and more. Those who disobey the above articles will all be punished with the Harakiri.

Then, the noble warriors were eliminated from Japan. This is a story about a girl who yearns for bushido in a world that has lost its pride. A girl who yearns for bushido and a young man who hates it. They fight together for their mutual beliefs.

The encounter between a warrior who hates humanity and a misunderstood otaku changes Japan.


  • Fuji (CV: Kaito Ishikawa), a misanthropic samurai – Fuji is a devilish demon who is a triple-threat: a devil, a miser, and a lazy person. He is allergic to humanity and vomits blood when he feels human affection, friendship, or sympathy.
  • Piriririka (CV: Hiyori Nitta), a super good-natured Japanese geek. A young president from another demon world who grew up in a greenhouse. She is a serious Hinomoto otaku, but her knowledge differs from actual Hinomoto because she got her knowledge from movies and manga. Enemy or ally? The “peculiarities” of the Hinomoto demon world
  • Ao (CV: Riona Imaizumi), a girl of passion who claims to be Fuji’s daughter
  • Weiyasu (CV: Takuatsu Terashima), a corrupt general who has reached the height of his depravity
  • Seafo (CV: Rina Kitagawa), the world-thief bandit who flies away with gunpowder
  • Suisen (CV: Maki Kawase), a humanoid weapon that can see into the future
  • Higan Zekkosai (CV: Yui Kondo), the strongest swordsman who is tired of swords

New Element #1 – The simulation RPG that breaks the rules has been further scaled up with “IJN Dekamax”!

The Disgaea series is characterized by an “anything goes battle system” and an “infinitely challenging training system”. The newest title, “Discovery Discovery 7”, is even more powerful with a new system that breaks all the rules! In the new “Ioudecamax” system, characters become so “super” huge that they jump off the board! The “IJN-DEKA-MAX” characters go on a rampage, destroying multiple enemies with a single blow and opening huge treasure chests with their mighty power! Don’t miss one of the largest dynamic battles in the series!

New Element #2 – You can even make swords that can be eaten…! Item Reincarnation

  • In “Disgaea 7”, not only characters but also items can be reincarnated to become stronger! Swords can be turned into gum, slippers into staffs, and so on… By reincarnating various types of items, you can create swords that can be eaten and healed, and staffs that increase mobility! What kind of item to make and who to equip it with… create the deadliest item for you out of countless combinations!
  • Reincarnated Beast Lances have various skills not found in normal Beast Lances.
  • Repeat item reincarnation and your damage will go up by orders of magnitude.
  • Create your own character! – Enjoy the freedom of training with “Reincarnation” and “Weapon Techniques”!
  • Reincarnation – Create your own most powerful character by repeatedly reincarnating! Reincarnate a warrior as a wizard to become a wizard who can also fight in close combat. Although your level will return to 1 when you “reincarnate”, some of your stats and techniques learned before reincarnation will be inherited, making you stronger than before! Reincarnate repeatedly to master both physical and magical skills, learn all the techniques, and create the world’s unique and most powerful character!

Weapon Techniques

Master your weapons and unlock exclusive techniques! Even the weakest wizard can become a warrior by reincarnating and using weapon techniques to fight in close combat. All seven types of weapons release powerful special techniques as you continue to use them!

A magical swordsman who fights with his fists, or a martial artist who excels at sniping. Flexible character development awaits you!

From handsome warriors to cute wizards to rotten zombies! Allows you to create your party as you wish! The most versatile characters in the series!

There are 45 general-purpose characters appearing in “Discovery Discovery 7”, the largest number in the series. Choose from a wide range of characters with different appearances and performances to create your own personal army!

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