Discotek Media Announce Gunbuster Blu-Ray with New English Dub

Gunbuster Blu-Ray

Discotek Media have announced a new English Dub and Blu-Ray of 1988 Gainax six-episode OVA Gunbuster.

Noriko Takaya wants to be a Gunbuster pilot, venturing into space against the invading alien menace as her father did. While she doubts her own abilities, and idolizes the best student in the training school Kazumi Amano.

Noriko is nonetheless is given the chance to fight Earth’s mightiest foes of the year 2023. As egos and doubts flare, will the pilots be able to put aside differences, find the strength within, and save the world?

The new English dub will be by Sound Cadence Studios, who have also worked on Bananya and the Curious Bunch, City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes, HELLS, The Island of Giant Insects, Rio – Rainbow Gate!, Kemono Friends, Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle, and more. The new Blu-Ray promises lots of special features (TBD), and Japanese audio with English subtitles.

The Discotek Media Gunbuster Blu-Ray launches 2022.

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