Discord Reportedly Reject Buy-Out from From Three Buyers Including Microsoft


Discord have reportedly ended talks with three potential buyers, possibly including Microsoft, choosing to remain independent instead.

As previously reported, “people familiar with the matter” told Bloomberg and Venture Beat that Discord were considering either going publicly traded, or being acquired for over $10 billion USD by companies such as Microsoft. At least one source told Bloomberg that it was more likely Discord would go public, while one told Venture Beat final negotiations were underway.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Discord hired a new Chief Financial Officer on March 14th. They also report “according to a person familiar with the company’s plans” that it is the first step in going public. Now they report that “according to people familiar with the matter” Discord has now ended the talks with at least three potential buyers, and has chosen no deal.

Instead, sources claim they would prefer to remain independent at this time, but are looking to a future public offering down the line. Discord reportedly doubled its monthly userbase since the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic quarantine, increasing to 140 million. The Wall Street Journal’s source also claims Discord generated $130 million USD in revenue, up $45 million from 2019.

Discord launched in 2015, and originally acted as an alternative to in-game voice chats for games that require multiplayer co-ordination. Since then the app has grown to accommodate official and fan servers for various video games and other hobbies, as well as acting as a telecommunications app on par with Skype, Zoom, and more.

During the initial claims and still at this time of writing, Discord and Microsoft have not issued any public statement. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

Image: Discord



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