Discord Launches a Game Store, Adds Free Games to Nitro Subscription

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In a bold move to further pose Discord as an alternative to Valve’s popular Steam platform, Discord has begun selling games on its client.

The latest beta test for the platform has quietly launched today, enabling roughly 50,000 Canadian users to get access to their new games store. Alongside the new storefront is the addition of free games to their Nitro premium service.

Discord notes they want to recreate a “cozy neighborhood book shop vibe” coupled with a curated selection of titles, as well as employee recommendations for games. While this is a far stretch from the wild west that is typically seen on the Steam store, the Discord store is still in its infancy.

The initial lineup of games sold through their client include: Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, Into the Breach, Frostpunk, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, and The Banner Saga 3. This focus on indie games is probably going to be par the course, however, as Discord is teasing a selection of “First on Discord” titles from indies, which will be exclusive for a limited time – usually 90 days.

The aforementioned free games coming to their Nitro premium service include titles ranging from indie to AAA. The initial lineup includes games like Metro: Last Light Redux, Saints Row: The Third, GoNNER, and Super Meat Boy. 

Lastly, Discord is also launching their Universal Library, a new launcher program for any games purchased through their store. As the name suggests, this will scan for games installed to your computer and then let you launch them all through the same launcher.


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