Discipline Your Ungrateful, Misbehaving Family In “Daddy Of The Year”


There’s no doubt games are getting weirder – especially indie games – and at the top of that list of oddities would be a recently announced title by Fixer Games called Daddy of the Year.

Meant as a humorous game (And it managed a few giggles from me, at least), Daddy of the Year lets you discipline your blocky/pixellated family in any way you please, though it seems that usually devolves into chair throwing, wall-slamming, and continous punching. Obviously, someone is going to get triggered.

    You have a terrible job? You come home drunk every night? Your kid is a loser at school? Then we have a solution for you! Seat of the trouble is your family and all you need is to “teach them some manners!”.
    You play as drunk and very angry dad in the dysfunctional family. You come home drunk again and your goal is to destroy your flat, find every member of your family and beat the ♥♥♥♥ out of them before your alcohol level reach zero!

The title is currently on Steam greenlight looking for votes, and even has a demo, for those who are curious.

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