Digimon Survive – The Best Way to Recruit Cherubimon (102)

Recruit Cherubimon

Editor’s Note: As this is a guide, this contains possible SPOILERS. If you are playing through your first playthrough of Digimon Survive and are past chapter 5, you have lost Lopmon. After the disgusting and Cruel actions of Shuuji, Lopmon dark Digivolves into Wendigomon.

After the evolution, Wendigomon One-punches Mega Seadramon like it is Saitama. With the immediate threat out of the way, it then turns its sites on its abusive partner Shuuji.

Upon eating Shuuji, the player’s hopes of unlocking Cherubimon in the first playthrough disappear; however, this does not eliminate the possibility of recruiting Cherubimon. So how can you still recruit Cherubimon in Digimon Survive?

Ways to Get Cherubimon

If you look in the Digimon Survive library Cheubimon appears under entry ID102. With Lopmon disappears from your part, you can only get Cherubimon from Digivolving or recruiting. Digivolving a Cherubimon can be a lot easier once players have recruited Patamon, Angemon, or Gatomon. If you do not have the evolution tools, you can always recruit Cherubimon; however, you must encounter Cherubimon in the free battle system.

Cherubimon does not appear in the free battle system until after chapter 8 when the player has chosen one of the diverging paths. Recruiting Cherubimon is no easy task since the player’s choices earlier in the game affect the recruitment chances. Cherubimon is a Vaccine Digimon. For an increased chance to recruit Cherubimon, players will need to have followed the Moral path line.

How to Recruit Cherubimon.

Question / Statement Best Response
Is there something you’d like to say to me? Go on, don’t be shy. Thanks for being kind.
It’s better to take some sort of action than just sit idly by and worry. Look before you leap!
The goal of this battle is to test each other’s strength. I’ll come out on top! (+1)

I’m the stronger one! (+1)

What do you think is the most important thing for building trust? Trusting your partner.
By the way, why exactly are you here? I was guided here.
What kind of human are you? I like to fight!
Are there bonds stronger than the family? There must be.

Cherubimon is available in the second playthrough if the player manages to save Shuuji and Lopmon; additionally, the player must reach 70 affinity with Shuuji in order to unlock Lopmon’s mega evolution.

Digimon Survive is now available across Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. In case you missed it, you can find our thorough Digimon Survive review here!

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