Diablo 4 Season 2 Best Rogue Leveling Build

Diablo 4 Rogue Leveling Guide

Diablo 4‘s Season 2 is here, and with every new season comes the opportunity to level up a new character.

Want to try out a new class, or maybe completely forgot how to play your own class at a lower level? Don’t worry, Niche Gamer has the strongest leveling builds for every class available.

Below you can find a leveling guide for the Rogue class, specifically optimized for Season 2:

Twisting Blades Rogue:

Proper positioning and a good understanding of melee mechanics make the Twisting Blades Rogue an insanely effective build. Players will make use of the Twisting Blades skill to quickly impale foes with dual-wielded weapons, and with the correct positioning this single-target build can also dish out some AOE damage.

Vampiric Powers:

Season 2’s unique mechanic introduces Vampiric Powers, which can completely change how your build works. Players will have to acquire Potent Blood by killing vampire enemies, which will in turn fuel your Vampirical Powers.

Below are what we believe will be the strongest powers available on Season 2:

Major Vampiric Powers (6 Pacts Required):

  • Metamorphosis (2 Ferocity, 2 Divinity, 2 Eternity): When you Evade you turn into a cloud of bats, becoming Unstoppable for 4 seconds. Enemies along your path take 160% Physical damage and are inflicted with Vampiric Curse.
  • Moonrise (6 Ferocity): Hitting an enemy with a Basic Skill grants you 4% Attack Speed for 10 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. Upon reaching maximum stacks, you enter a Vampiric Bloodrage, gaining 160% Basic Skill damage and 15% Movement Speed for 10 seconds.
  • Accursed Touch (6 Divinity): Lucky Hit: Up to a 44% chance to inflict Vampiric Curse on enemies. Enemies with the Vampiric Curse have a 15% chance to spread it to other surrounding enemies. Accursed Souls deal 200% increased damage.

Minor Vampiric Powers (1–3 Pacts Required):

  • Prey on the Weak (2 Ferocity): You deal 16% increased damage to Vulnerable enemies. Enemies are Vulnerable while affected by a Vampiric Curse from your other Vampiric Powers.
  • Domination (1 Ferocity): You deal 24% increased damage to enemies who are Stunned, Immobilized, Frozen, or Feared. If they’re also Injured and not an Elite, they’re instantly killed.
  • Sanguine Brace (1 Divinity, 1 Eternity): When you kill an enemy, Fortify for 6% of your Base Life. While you have more Fortify than half of your Maximum Life, you gain 8% Critical Strike Chance.
  • Hectic (3 Divinity): For every 5 Basic Skills you cast, one of your active Cooldowns is reduced by 2 seconds.
  • Anticipation (1 Divinity): Your Ultimate Skills gain 20% Cooldown Reduction. Your Ultimate Skills gain 12% increased damage for each nearby enemy affected by your Damage Over Time effects.

Skill Point allocations:

Rogues have a massive need for passive skills, and this build grabs all of the important ones. Your first 25 or so talent points will be used to grab your skills, while the rest goes straight into your passives.

  1. Puncture
  2. Enhanced Puncture
  3. Twisting Blades
  4. Fundamental Puncture
  5. Enhanced Twisting Blades
  6. Improved Twisting Blades
  7. Dash
  8. Shadow Step
  9. Twisting Blades Level 2
  10. Twisting Blades Level 3
  11. Twisting Blades Level 4
  12. Concealment
  13. Enhanced Stealth
  14. Countering Stealth
  15. Twisting Blades Level 5
  16. Enhanced Shadow Step
  17. Shadow Imbuement
  18. Enhanced Shadow Imbuement
  19. Mixed Shadow Imbuement
  20. Shadow Crash
  21. Consuming Shadows
  22. Consuming Shadows Level 2
  23. Consuming Shadows Level 3
  24. Methodical Shadow Step
  25. Adrenaline Rush
  26. Haste
  27. Haste Level 2
  28. Haste Level 3
  29. Concussive
  30. Trick Attacks
  31. Trick Attacks Level 2
  32. Trick Attacks Level 3
  33. Concussive Level 2
  34. Close Quarters Combat (switch for Momentum if Damage Reduction is needed)
  35. Concussive
  36. Stutter Step
  37. Stutter Step Level 2
  38. Stutter Step Level 3
  39. Exploit
  40. Exploit Level 2
  41. Exploit Level 3
  42. Malice
  43. Malice Level 2
  44. Malice Level 3
  45. Agile
  46. Agile Level 2
  47. Agile Level 3
  48. Sturdy
  49. Sturdy Level 2
  50. Sturdy Level 3
  51. Siphoning Strikes
  52. Siphoning Strikes Level 2
  53. Siphoning Strikes Level 3
  54. Precision Imbuement
  55. Precision Imbuement Level 2
  56. Precision Imbuement Level 3
  57. Impetus
  58. Impetus Level 2

Legendary Aspects:

Legendary Aspects are acquired by clearing dungeons throughout the open world, and after collected they will be available from the Codex of Power. Always remember that aspects naturally found on legendary gear will be a better roll than if they were applied.

  • Bladedancer’s Aspect
  • Edgemaster’s Aspect
  • Aspect of the Expectant
  • Aspect of Retribution
  • Ravager’s Aspect
  • Aspect of Might
  • Rapid Aspect
  • Accelerating Aspect
  • Exploiter’s Aspect
  • Cheat’s Aspect
  • Wind Striker Aspect
  • Vengeful Asepct

Diablo IV is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Battle.net). Check out our review here. (We recommend it!)

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