Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition Improved Performance Gets Detailed

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

Capcom has confirmed the improved performance options for Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition.

The news comes from Capcom vice president of digital platforms and marketing William Yagi-Bacon (via ResetEra), who confirmed the different resolution and frame rate options:

Here’s the rundown:

Ray Tracing On

  • 4K resolution with 30FPS
  • 1080p resolution with 60FPS

Ray Tracing Off

  • 4K resolution with 60FPS
  • Up to 120FPS

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition will be available the same day as both next-gen platforms’ release, for Xbox Series X+S on November 10th worldwide and for PS5 on November 12th in the USA+Japan, etc and November 19th in the rest of the world.



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