Denver Broncos Linebacker Preps for Superbowl with Pokemon

nate irving denver broncos

Millions of Americans are prepping for the Superbowl today, and while it’s very tough to imagine the amount of pressure the players of both the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks deal with, one player from the Broncos has been making headlines with his method of unwinding pre-game.

“I’m actually going to sit in my hotel room, play my Pokemon game,” Broncos linebacker Nate Irving said to the Wall Street Journal.

Irving grew up in Newark, New Jersey, where he enjoyed playing both football and Pokemon card games. Now he spends his days off playing Call of Duty with an old college classmate. Despite the enjoyment he shares with playing video games, he does get some ridicule from his teammates:

“I know not too many people are into the things I’m into,” he said. “I just embrace that and I enjoy it.”

So what about you guys – are you watching the Superbowl, and if so, how are you prepping for it?

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