DENTMAN the tokusatsu hero of oral hygiene takes the internet by storm


DENTMAN, a tokusatsu hero who encourages people to take care of their oral hygiene has exploded in popularity and created a group of English fans.

It started on December 5, after one Twitter user drew attention to the super hero after noticing they were being followed by him. DENTMAN’s response of course, was to politely tell them that swear words will give them cavities. A hero like DENTMAN needs to set a good example after all.

DENTMAN’s nemesis is the misunderstood Mutans-kun (Mr. Mutans), named after the bacteria “streptococcus mutans” which is responsible for cavities. Mr. Mutans is irresponsible and spreads cavities, while at the same time believing he’s spreading cheer. Life is hard, why not make it sweeter?

In just two days both DENTMAN and Mr. Mutans have received a barrage of support and fanart, largely from English-speaking accounts who have latched onto the duo’s meme status.

Small-scale mascots and Tokusatsu heroes are a distinctly Japanese cultural phenomenon, but it’s clear that western audiences are more than willing to play along with the silliness.


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