The Blob-inspired horror roguelike game Demon Spore is nightmare fuel

Demon Spore

Publisher and developer DiniBoss has shared a new teaser trailer for Demon Spore, their new horror roguelike game that is shaping up nicely.

While Devolver Digital’s horror roguelike Carrion is like a game adaptation of John Carpenter’s The Thing, we’re seeing more similarities to The Blob with Demon Spore.

The game starts with a similar yet simple premise: you’re a scientist and a lab experiment goes horribly wrong. A bulbous and horrific creature erupts from the lab table, swallowing and assimilating everything in its path, and you must fight to survive.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Deep inside a genetic research laboratory, a tissue replication experiment has gone wrong and given birth to a viral mass of cells that is spreading out of control and evolving into a creature from hell.

As a scientist trapped inside with a few survivors, use your scientific experience to learn how the organism behaves, find it’s weaknesses and fight your way to safety.


  • ENEMY UNKNOWN – An abomination of flesh and tentacles with a taste for organic matter, constantly evolving and adapting, infecting everything – even your fellow scientist can turn against you. Escape each floor before the growth mutates into something even more horrific.
  • SURVIVOR TEAM – Every room has new surprises and tough choices – risk a dangerous encounter to grab new gear? Save a scientist or cut your losses and run to the exit? Rescue and protect lab personnel so they can create new technology to improve your chances of survival.
  • RESOURCEFUL CARNAGE – Use any lab tools you can find to slice through the creature’s tentacles, target its weak spots and stunt the growth. Cobble together experimental weaponry and repurpose lab equipment to improvise your way to safety in an ever changing environment.
  • PANIC LAB – Each room has different threats and different rewards, choose your path wisely to stay one step ahead of the creature. Every time you play you face a different layout but will learn more of the secrets of the lab and how to use them to your advantage to outsmart your enemy.

Demon Spore is in development for Windows PC (via Steam)



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