Demo Now Available for Mega Man Battle Network-Inspired Game “One Step From Eden”

A demo for upcoming roguelike One Step From Eden has been released.

Published by Maple Whispering and developed by Thomas Moon Kang, the game is a self-proclaimed combination of MegaMan Battle Network and Slay the Spire.

Using a deck-building system and grid based movement during combat the comparison to MegaMan Battle Network is very apt. You can find the demo here and a full run-down below:

In One Step From Eden players jump into a war-torn landscape and fight their way to Eden using an ever expanding deck of spells. Blazing fast combat and strategic deckbuilding make for a one of a kind experience.

In the demo, players will be able to fight evolving enemies and intense bosses, amass spells, save hostages, and if they’re lucky, find a few secrets!

Key Features:

  • Deckbuilding with 200+ spells & 100+ game-changing items
  • Action deckbuilding, a blend of bullet hell action and card game strategy
  • 8+ Playable Characters and Bosses
  • Alternate runs and endings
  • Unique evolving enemies that get ingeniously more difficult
  • Procedurally generated worlds and battles
  • Full Original Soundtrack
  • Local co-op and PvP
  • Full controller and keyboard & mouse support
  • Steam Workshop & mod support

One Step From Eden is slated for release in Q3 of 2019 for Windows PC and Mac (via Steam).

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