Dell announces plans to stop using China-made chips by 2024


Technology manufacturer Dell has announced plans to longer use chips made in China in their products.

The announcement comes as tensions between Washington and Beijing have been heating up in the technology and political sector.

In a report from Nikkei Asia, one chip manufacturer claims that Dell is concerned about this growing technological suspicion between the countries and is making the move to protect themselves saying:

“Previously we knew Dell kind of had plans to diversify from China, but this time it is kind of radical. They don’t even want their chips to be made in China, citing concerns over the U.S. government’s policy. … It’s not just an evaluation, it’s not crying wolf. It’s a real and ongoing plan, and this trend looks irreversible.”

It’s not an unreasonable concern, recently the United States government went as far as to ban TikTok from government devices over security concerns. With Chinese apps already on the chopping block from US devices, who’s to say that computer chips aren’t the next to go?

With the supply chain shortages that have crippled technology industries over the past year or so finally beginning to normalize, customers can now be more discerning in where they get their products.

Dell has claimed they are simply “diversifying” their supply chain, but the company reportedly plans to no longer use Chinese made chips in any of their products by 2024.

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