Dekamori Senran Kagura is Meant to Satisfy Man’s Three Major Desires

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In a new interview published by Famitsu magazine, we’ve finally learned why series producer Kenichiro Takaki and his team at Marvelous AQL decided to make the cooking rhythm game.

Firstly, Takaki explained why the game would be a download only title. As Dekamori Senran Kagura would the first real spinoff for the series, they wanted to keep the entry cost low, so they decided to make it download only and offer it at a more impulse buy price. Takaki said: “Since we’re keeping the price low, I think some people who are on the fence might have a higher chance of actually buying the game.”

In comes the big question – why go with a cooking theme for the first spinoff of the series? His response was: “I believe that mankind’s three major desires are sex, hunger, and sleep – we’ve definitely got the first part covered, so I think the next challenge to tackle would be food. This way, we can cover both sex appeal and hunger at once,” Takaki said with a laugh.

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Next came the question regarding the inclusion of rhythm gameplay. Takaki responded: “I just wanted something that came off as lighthearted, especially when it comes to the gameplay and the storytelling. Instead of having complex controls, the game would be primarily focused on rhythm, allowing you to watch it at your leisure – a game where cute girls are occasionally in naughty situations. Food, music, and erotica.”

Lastly, Takaki went over the soundtrack for the game, numbering 22 tracks in total. He described some as silly, some as cool, and some that are picked out specifically for certain characters. Takaki also confirmed that players who bought downloadable content for Shinovi Versus would be able to carry that into Dekamori Senran Kagura.

Also, in case any of you were worried, costume destruction is returning as that is a staple in any Senran Kagura game. Whichever character has the least cooking points will see their apron, and eventually their full ensemble explode. The amount of nudity was compared to what you’ll see in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus, which you’ll see in English after that’s localized by XSEED.

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I’m just curious how they’re going to implement sleeping into a future Senran Kagura game. Perhaps a game that comes with an electronic blanket that warms up? Dekamori Senran Kagura is set for a March 20th release on Playstation Vita.



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