Defunct MMORPG Aika Online is planning a comeback

Aika Online Global

The classic MMORPG Aika Online is planning a return and will be coming later this year.

Aika Online‘s launch through Hanbitsoft is coming in a little under two months, you can check the countdown here. The MMORPG will be available for Microsoft Windows.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Aika Online Global, the beloved classic MMORPG that once captivated gamers worldwide, is poised to make an epic comeback this year in the 4th quarter of 2023. CBM Interactive Inc., in partnership with Hanbitsoft Inc., has breathed new life into the iconic title, promising an enchanting journey back to the realm of fantasy, camaraderie, and epic battles.

Originally renowned for its sprawling fantasy universe, immersive storytelling, and intense Realm vs. Realm (RvR) battles, Aika Online Global won hearts during its initial launch. The forthcoming revival aims to resurrect the magic of the past while embracing modern gaming sensibilities.

CBM Interactive Inc., recognized for their innovation, and Hanbitsoft Inc., a powerhouse in the gaming industry, have united their talents to ensure that Aika Online Global’s essence remains unblemished.

The revival of Aika Online Global promises an adventure through a fantastical world, replete with epic quests, alliances, and heart-pounding RvR battles. With a modern visual overhaul, refined gameplay mechanics, and a dedication to incorporating player feedback, the rejuvenated MMORPG is poised to set new standards within the genre.



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