Deep Rock Galactic Guide – What’s New in Season 4: Critical Corruption

Deep Rock Galactic Season 4

It’s time to get to work miners, Deep Rock Galactic has just launched their fourth season called “Critical Corruption“.

As previously stated, this new season continues the “Rockpox” story arc (or Lithophage if you’re feeling fancy); wherein the wildlife of Hoxxes is being infected by some strange space disease.

In this new season there’s a host of new Rock Pox infected enemies and also some new foes being thrown into the mix among the general Glyphid populace.

New Event: Rockpox Corruptor

This new enemy appears randomly in missions and will require cleansing tools like the ones used for Lithophage Outbreak Contagion Spikes. This crawling menace is a big, pulsing, blob of infectious flesh inside a hard and rocky shell. Players will need to foam up its exterior and cleanse the disease protecting it before going for the kill.

Killing the Rockpox Corruptor will reward Plaguehearts which can be turned into MOLL-E for bonus season progress and fill a special meter that rewards additional scrip for cosmetics.

New Rockpox Enemies

New Rockpox enemies are added to the game, making Contagion Spikes even more dangerous during a Lithophage Outbreak. Most of the new enemies are flying or ranged (or both!) and combined with the stun and damage from a Rockpox infection these guys are certain to be a pain.

  • Rockpox Breeder: This Naedocyte Breeder is now a host for the Rockpox infection. Instead of being a host for Naedocytes (which are annoying), it now spews out Rockpox Larvae. This mutation makes one of the most annoying enemies in the game somehow even worse.


  • Rockbox Bomber: A mutation of the Mactera Goo Bomber, now it drops infectious ooze that rapidly increases your infection rate while standing in it.


  • Rockpox Exploder: A mutation of the Exploder, these little guys pack less of a punch than the normal Exploders. The trade-off is that being near one will almost assuredly fill your Rockpox Infection, stunning you and doing damage.


  • Rockpox Spitter: The Glyphid Acid Spitter is nearly as bad as the Naedocyte Breeder. There’s a theme here of making annoying enemies even worse with the Rockpox in this season and thus we’re left with a disease-ridden spitter.

New Enemies

These enemies are joining the core assortment of foes that can appear in any mission, adding some variety to the groups of Grunts, Praetorians, Spitters, etc.

  • Glyphid Septic Spreader: This guy throws damaging goo as if it were some unholy crossbreed of the Mactera Goo Bomber and the Glyphid Acid Spitter. Thankfully this is a Glyphid so it can’t fly, and while it’s not as accurate as the Spitter it makes up for it in sheer volume.


  • Glyphid Stingtail: Have you ever thought to yourself “It’s a good thing Glyphids can’t pull me off of ledges or into danger,” then it’s time to rethink what it means to feel safe in the mines. these guys spit a claw-like appendage and drag dwarves into their horns or into danger.

Jet Boots

Jet Boots can now be found in crates randomly during missions. To unlock the box, dwarves will have to successfully play a mini-game where they jump a little jet boot between obstacles (sound familiar?)

These boots will allow users to hover, slow falls, and reach high ledged without doing some funky maneuvering with their traversal tool. Scout could basically do most of these things already.

Randomizer Tools

Season 4 is adding some new fun tools to randomize your dwarf for an added challenge or just for a bit of silliness.

The Randoweisser is a new bear that will randomize your perks, equipment loadout, and even cosmetics for the duration of a mission. Meanwhile a similar thing can be done at the equipment console.

Other cosmetic changes include the ability to make most armors sleeveless to show off your manly biceps.

Deep Rock Galactic is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S and Microsoft Windows (Through Steam).

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