Deep Dungeons of Doom is Beckoning All Ye Masochists on Steam

British indie studio Bossa Studios have put their roguelike dungeon crawler, Deep Dungeons of Doom, onto PC via Steam.

Featured above is a short teaser trailer for the game’s Steam release, and the game is seeming quite like a challenge. There are three main characters, the Crusader, the Witch, and the Mercenary, all of which are tasked with delving deeper into an increasingly punishing dungeon filled with horrors and monsters.

The team behind Deep Dungeons of Doom has some real talent behind it as well, with Glauber Kotaki (Rogue Legacy) on animations, Pedro Medeiros & Amora Bettany (Towerfall) doing the art, and Iuri Rodrigues on the soundtrack that is sure to whisk you away, rather back to the year 1985. The game is priced at £3.99/$4.99/€4.99, respectively.

Deep Dungeons of Doom was originally a free to play mobile game, but the team has decided to relaunch the iOS and Droid version as a premium app, removing all of the in game microtransactions, for a more traditional playing method. The new premium mobile version will cost £2.99/$4.99/€4.49 – and the owners of the original will get the new mobile version for free.

You can find Deep Dungeon of Doom on Steam here.

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  1. Siveon
    October 14, 2014 at 8:52 pm

    It wasn’t that hard, at all. The game mostly consisted of timing battles, learning when to hit and when to block. After that it was pretty much cake.

    I can’t imagine playing this on anything but a phone tbh, I suppose it’s the simplicity of it all. It was decent fun, though.