Deckbuilding roguelike Archetype Blue announced

Archetype Blue

Korean publisher CFK has fully revealed medieval pixel art roguelike Archetype Blue alongside its Steam page.

Archetype Blue promises a tough but rewarding deckbuilding experience, full of charming characters and deep mechanics.

Archetype Blue has no release date yet, and will be available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Venture forth into a medieval fantasy world rendered in all its adorable pixel glory!

In ARCHETYPE BLUE, a deck building rogue-lite game of collecting, using, and strengthening cards, players are invited to become legendary heroes who embark with their companions on expeditions into the various parts of this fantasy world.

Lead your venturing party successfully to their destination using a deck suited to your own particular tastes and strategies. Use a combination of skill and magic cards to crush your enemies, all while various random elements affect each expedition and the battles inside them, providing more to entertain and immerse.


  • A deck that gets stronger the more you play it – Cards a player can use are divided into five categories: attacks, skills, blessings, curses, and dreams. Players must come to understand the distinguishing characteristics and effects of each card they have and collect other cards to build a strong deck. They can also strengthen cards during expeditions, increasing their power.
  • A series of unexpected encounters – Luck is just as important as strategy here! The random elements encountered in all sorts of situations can turn any expedition on its head. Handle each unknown encounter carefully and reach adventure’s end safely with your companions.
  • An adventure party to suit your tastes – Choose one of the legendary heroes and set out on an adventure. Going alone is certainly fine, but recruiting some help will make the expedition go that much smoother. If you want to form the strongest expedition party, you’ve got to make sure your companions are well-matched!
  • NPCs make adventuring that much more interesting – As you carve your path through the field, you may encounter some new faces. From card collectors selling random cards, to goods merchants ready to help strengthen cards and sell some items, a clown tossing around dangerous jokes about gambling, and more, make all sorts of new relationships on your journey. Your future may change depending on how you interact with them.
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