Deceive Inc. hands on preview – becoming the best spy

Deceive Inc

At PAX West 2022, we had the opportunity to meet with Tripwire Presents to preview their upcoming games Deceive Inc.

When you think of spy vs is spy what do you think of? Recently, many would say the game Death Loop. But before that, some would say Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

The concept of being a spy attempting to kill other spies is not a new trope but Tripwire Presents and Sweet Bandit Studios are looking to change the spy versus spy motif with their upcoming game Deceive Inc.

Deceive Inc.

Deceive Inc Hands-on

Looking at the concept of spy versus spy, a Battle Royal style intrigued us. Sadly we did not get the opportunity to experience all that the demo had to offer. Part of this is due to not fully understanding the game objectives and dying early on.

Instead, we were killed by another player due to our own idiocracy and left to watch others play against one another. The idea of being able to drop out after losing a match definitely makes the game more appealing.

I wish I could have dropped out after being eliminated. Sadly, due to being limited with time at PAX West, we were kind of stuck with what we got and had to watch others play.

Deceive Inc.

The concept of the game is simple, go undercover, disguise yourself, deploy high-tech gadgets, and extract with the objective. Now that’s easier said than done.

As previously mentioned players will need to gather certain keys and resources in order to progress through the level.

By having the select keys, the player will be able to open important areas and safes. Ultimately, the concept of the game is exciting but due to the little bit of gameplay that we got to experience, we will have to wait and see.

Personally, I wish I could have had more time with Deceive Inc. Dying early on and watching others is no fun, but watching others did allow us to better understand the core concepts of the game.

What do you think of Tripwire Presents and Sweet Bandit Studios’ upcoming game Deceive Inc? Will you try it out when it eventually releases?

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