Debut Screenshots and Artwork for the Hero Must Die Remake are Revealed

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The newest issue of Weekly Famitsu had a four page spread for the recently announced JRPG by Nippon Ichi Software entitled Hero Must Die., or Yuusha Shisu. Oddly enough, the title is stylized with the period as part of the title.

As we reported here only days ago, the game is a full-on remake for a title from 2007 that was originally on mobile platforms.

The game’s story remains the about the same. After sacrificing himself to defeat the Demon King, the hero is sent back to the world because there is still danger to be dealt with – unfortunately, they reset him back to level 1, and only give him 5 days of life to work on this new task. Within his allotted time, he will interact with a number of heroines which can lead to a multitude of endings.

Throughout the four page spread, NIS offered some artwork and screens which can be seen below.

The Hero Must Die itself will be available on February 15th, 2016 in Japan, only on Vita.



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