Deathloop Coming to Windows PC, PlaStation 5 in Holiday 2020

Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios have confirmed the release date for Deathloop on Windows PC and PlayStation 5.

As stated by Bethesda and on the PlayStation Blog, the game takes place on the island of Blackreef, an island full of debauchery and chaos. An assassin known as Colt however, is stuck in a timeloop with everyone trying to kill him. Colt is still trying to reach his target; Aleksis Doresy, the “Alpha Wolf.”

Another assassin is also stuck in the timeloop, Julianna Blake- and she doesn’t want the loop to be broken. She is Colt’s biggest threat. Game Director Dinga Bakaba explains more.

“From the moment Colt wakes up on the black sand beach of Blackreef with a very bad hangover, Julianna is with him every step of the way. In his ear through the radio or lying in ambush in a dark alley, waiting to put a machete through his neck. She revels in both her victories and her defeats, but she is dead set on stopping Colt from breaking the loop. All she wants is to keep playing this deadly game of cat-and-well-armed-mouse, ad infinitum. She is a very flamboyant person, unburdened by the baggage of consequences or conscience.”

If PVP is enabled, players can hop into another’s game and control Julianna rather than the AI. Bakaba explains more about the game’s focus, and how  Colt and Julianna play.

“The focus is on the campaign and the story. And that campaign can be played with Julianna controlled only by the AI, or – and this is our recommendation – by a mix of A.I. and random players to experience the range of unpredictability and chaos that Julianna is capable of.”

[…]”While Colt can make use of hacking devices and the possibility of returning when he dies, Julianna can take on the appearance of any NPC, and all of the island’s inhabitants are on her side. Colt is trying to accomplish his goals, whatever it takes, and Julianna is there to have fun. She wants Colt to keep playing her game. Julianna is about playing with fire and flair, and cares more about enjoying the ‘game’ than about winning every encounter.”

Further, as Colt players have one day to eliminate the eight targets who are somehow causing the timeloop. If one survives, the loop continues. As such, players will have to learn where they are, their schedules, and the path to eliminate all eight in one run. The game will also feature main missions and side missions.

On PlayStation 5, the game will use the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

You can find the new trailer below:

Deathloop launches Holiday 2020 for Windows PC, and PlayStation 5.

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