Death Stranding Gamescom 2019 Gameplay, Mama and Deadman Trailers

Hideo Kojima has shown off new gameplay for Death Stranding at Gamescom 2019.

Along with both trailers and interviews with Geoff Keighly, we have learned a lot of new information.

First off, a new character was introduced in the form of Mama (Margaret Qualley). She is a mother whose child was born “on the other side,” yet she is still connected by her umbilical cord- thereby preventing her from moving from her current location.

Deadman (Guilmero Deltroro) was also more fleshed out. It seems he is an expert on the babies and their usage, while he himself is a hologram. The babies (or “B.Bs”) are used as equipment to detect “B.Ts”. To do so, they must be pulled from the womb, and introduced to an artificial one. Even with periods of rest in an environment that simulates the real thing as accurately as possible, none last more than a year.

The gameplay has you explore the United States with Sam (Normal Reedus), setting up “strands” to connect people and what is left of civilization. All the while, avoiding B.Ts, terrorists, and ensuring both Sam and the baby are healthy and happy. For example, Sam can sooth the baby if he becomes injured. In addition, Sam can rest and urinate. Curiously, Kojima mentioned the latter can act as a weapon, and even a “key” if “everyone does it in the same spot”. During the gameplay trailer, Sam’s urination does create a holographic mushroom.

Finally, the game will feature Preppers-people living in isolated areas. Connecting strands to these people can earn rewards- akin to a side-quest. The Prepper in the video resembles Geoff Keighly (voiced by Matt Mercer), and more “friends of Kojima” are said to make cameos.

Death Stranding will launch November 8th, for PlayStation 4.

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