Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Extended Look Shows Stealth Missions, Racing, and More

Death Stranding Directors Cut Stealth

Kojima Productions have shared a new gameplay trailer highlighting the features and stealth mechanics in Death Stranding: Director’s Cut.


As previously reported, the devastating Death Stranding breaks down the barriers between life and death; causing invisible creatures called the Beached Things to roam across the US. Causing devastating explosions called voidouts, and summoning a rain that rapidly ages whatever it touches, the nation quickly fell to ruin.

Now Sam Bridges acts as a porter, transporting supplies to what few fractured and divided US cities and survivors remain. However, some humans have gained the ability to control BTs, and the terrible powers that come with it. Can Sam help reunite the nation, or even survive?

The Director’s Cut features include new story missions, enemies, and combat abilities. Players will also have new ways to deliver goods, and even a new racing minigame called Fragile Circuit.

The new trailer shows new tools to help deliveries; such as thrusters to glide safely to the ground, the cargo catapult, the Buddy Bot, and jump ramps you can even perform tricks off of. New facilities include a VR firing range, a perfect place to test the new Mazer gun.

Players can also re-fight old bosses, with your performance shared in a new online leaderboard. Eight new tracks have been added to the music player, and new missions promise to be action packed, even demanding stealth; much like Metal Gear Solid.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut launches September 24th on PlayStation 5.



Ryan was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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