Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld retires from working on the character

Deadpool Rob Liefeld

Over thirty years ago, Rob Liefeld helped to introduce the fourth-wall-breaking and wise cracking Deadpool (Wade Wilson) to the Marvel universe, and now he’s decided to retire from working on the character.

In his statement, Liefeld looked back on his decades of work at Marvel and with Deadpool in particular, asking “I often wonder what my life would be like if I had not created and sold not just Deadpool, but Cable, Domino, Stryfe and many others to Marvel”.

You can check out Liefeld’s full statement below.

Deadpool entered mainstream awareness following the 2016 movie which starred Ryan Reynolds as the titular character. Fans were excited when producers at Fox leaned into creating an R-rated Marvel movie, despite multiple Punisher and Blade films beating them to the punch.

While Liefeld may be stepping back from working on the characters, he’s expected to release one last story: “I’ll finish this one last Deadpool story, and trust me, it’s a wild one, and call it a collaboration for the ages”.

It’s unclear if Liefeld will continue his work on comics, but it sounds as if he’s implying he’s only retiring from work on Deadpool.

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