Cyberpunk shooter Deadlink hits full release during Steam SHMUP Fest


Ascend through the levels of a massive futuristic corporation in Deadlink‘s 1.0 release.

Deadlink is now available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam). If you want to know more about the game, consider reading our spotlight for it.

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

Deadlink is an FPS with roguelite elements set in a cyberpunk environment where players will play as an elite operative recruited for the Deadlink project. Fighting through crowded slums, corrupted labs, grim warehouses, and modern office buildings using a deadly arsenal of weapons and tech. Embark on a mission to expose the schemes of the most powerful corporations in the world and slash corporate wealth that grew from people’s misery.

Being a corporate security agency’s greatest weapon, it’s your duty to sabotage any questionable deals that corporations might try to secure. Jump head first into the military operation and provide hope for the Deadlink project. Don’t leave your enemies hanging as their resources and weapons are not lacking. Changes have been made to the final boss in order to account for players feedback but at the same time keeping the final encounter challenging.

The latest update will introduce major quality of life improvements and bug fixes, but most importantly a new Endless Mode that has been greatly requested by the passionate player community. In this mode players will face limitless waves of enemies with each more powerful than the previous. Players will be able to upgrade their hero without any restrictions to match that face paced environment. Additionally, developers have added a community made game localization Brazilian Portuguese languages especially for the Brazilian players.

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