Marvelous announces DEADCRAFT, a new zombie survival action game


Publishers Marvelous and XSEED Games, and developer First Studio announced DEADCRAFT, a new zombie survival action game for PC and consoles.

DEADCRAFT is coming to Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on May 19th. A playable demo is now available, and the game will be showcased at PAX East 2022.

DEADCRAFT is coming in a $24.99 standard edition and a $39.99 Digital Deluxe edition, the latter of which includes two DLC adventures in addition to the core game. A special pre-purchase discount will be available on the Nintendo eShop beginning today, with the standard edition discounted 10% and the Digital Deluxe edition discounted 15%. This same discount will be offered across all platforms when available and through May 29, 2022

“It’s great to be back at PAX East with our fans. We focused most of our lineup to bring experiences fans may not expect from us,” said Kenji Hosoi, Executive Vice President of XSEED Games. “Marvelous First Studio has done a fantastic job with DEADCRAFT, combining some familiar farming and crafting elements, and letting players choose Reid’s destiny by embracing their inner zombie to pursue chaos, or focus on their humanity. We’re looking forward to seeing which path players pursue, whether they’re playing the expanded demo from our booth or playing from home!”

Here’s the debut trailer:

Here’s a rundown on the game:


Stare in wild wonder as the half-human, half-zombie protagonist Reid slices through foes on a quest for righteous vengeance! Wield his inhuman zombie powers to fend off enemies while searching the wasteland for answers to what happened to the only man he could trust. Build fantastical new armaments, conjure curious concoctions, or even grow and harvest zombie soldiers to stand by Reid’s side against whatever the apocalypse throws at him. It’s a dangerous world, and in order to stay alive Reid must take full advantage of the dead!

DEADCRAFT is the newest deadly and daring game from Marvelous’ First Studio, creators of DAEMON X MACHINA. As if a hail of meteors reducing earth to a barren wasteland wasn’t bad enough, the devastation released a mysterious virus that resurrected the dead. Ravaged by fire from the sky and the dead below, only a fraction of the human population remains, largely clustered into small outposts where power-hungry opportunists capitalize on the chaos. A rare survivor of exposure to the virus, part-zombie Reid is captured by the twisted Nebron, leader of the Ark. After escaping from the torture table into the surrounding wasteland, Reid is determined to return to the city and exact some apocalyptic justice.


  • Farm the Dead to Stay Alive ‒ Plant fresh corpses (or just a combination of limbs) into the ground and give them a little TLC until they sprout into an undead army of infantry, sentries, and more!
  • Creeptastic Crafting ‒ Surviving the apocalypse sometimes means using whatever scraps one can find to make new weapons. Other times it means enlisting a loyal undead to assist in building and running an entire factory of grotesque machinery churning out an unholy amalgamation of survival items.
  • Death-Defying Powers of the Undead ‒ Reid’s zombie side gives him a powerful advantage in a fight, allowing him to shield himself from danger or swat enemies away like annoying gnats. But as each devoured enemy pushes him closer to his zombie side, he’ll have to take care to maintain what little humanity he has left.
  • Become a Savior…or a Scourge ‒ Help out other survivors to learn new recipes or abilities. But if Reid’s hard up for money or supplies, shake down a local and take it off them…as long as he doesn’t mind potentially becoming a wanted man.
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