Dead Space remake’s new content warning sparks outrage, despite being optional

Dead Space remake

It’s that time of the year again where accessibility options spark controversy, this time with the Dead Space remake.

Not many fans expected the Dead Space Remake to be great, as Electronic Arts helmed the project, the same company that killed a horror franchise with an action game.

It turns out that there is no catch, the Dead Space remake is simply a good remake of a good game.

Despite using Denuvo and not advertising it on its Steam page, the Dead Space remake received praise, as it builds upon the original and even adds some accessibility options.

And that’s exactly what people on social media had a problem with, the game’s new accessibility options, especially the Content Warnings:

The game gives out a detailed warning before any scenes that may be upsetting, with the possibility of actually hiding the scenes completely if the player desires to do it.

One does have to wonder how much of the game is even viewable with these options turned on, as Dead Space is a nightmarish ride from beginning to end.

There is an argument to be made about squeamish players wanting to try out a horror experience but not committing fully, but content warnings aren’t a new thing in video games.

Games like Silent Hill actually ran some of these screens before the game started so anyone who didn’t want to go along for the ride could stop right there.

Even some of Capcom’s recent games, like Resident Evil 7, have a content warning, so it can be puzzling why the internet cared so much about this one, especially since it’s optional.

Psychonauts 2 also faced some backlash for its accessibility settings, as the game’s invincibility mode felt like too much for some people.

Despite that, Psychonauts 2 became Double Fine’s most sold game, so it seems like not that many people actually cared enough to not buy it.

Maybe it’s Dead Space‘s reputation that makes this change so off-putting for players, as the game has been known for being one of the best horror titles available.

At the end of the day, this issue will be forgotten in a few weeks, as the internet’s collective brain rot will be directed towards something else.

The Dead Space remake is currently available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S and Microsoft Windows. Expect our thorough review shortly!

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