Dead Space remake tops sales chart, but tracking behind The Callisto Protocol

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The Dead Space remake is selling well as the UK charts is showing it ranking first this week.

However, games sales seems to be lagging behind during the same time period – the game is tracking well behind a similar horror title, The Callisto Protocol.

Data suggests the Dead Space remake has sold less than half the copies at the same point in time as The Callisto Protocol (via Games Industry).

There are many reasonable factors for this as the latter sold for a lower price point and was launched in time for the holiday season, where people likely bought it as a gift for a loved one.

Of course, selling worse than a game isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but this could be an issue for EA’s hopes of making large profit off the remake.

This is of course considering The Callisto Protocol actually bombed when it came to sales. While 2 million is certainly a strong number, it greatly underperformed the projected 4-5 million sales expected from it.

The slacking sales combined with the rumored $160 million+ budget meant that losses were likely heavy for publisher Krafton. All this could be a problem for the Dead Space remake.

As a remake it likely had a much lower budget though, and could still be considered a strong release for EA. It should be noted these number are for physical sales in the UK, so digital could paint a much different picture.

The Dead Space remake is currently available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S and Microsoft Windows (via Steam and Epic Games Store). Expect our thorough review shortly!



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