Dead Estate hands on preview – booming roguelike shooter

Dead Estate is an indie roguelike that asks the question: What if a college dropout and a truck driver had to survive a Resident Evil scenario?

The game is pretty reminiscent of The Binding of Isaac in its map design and the way the rooms work. There are key rooms, which let you unlock the boss door, rooms that take you back to the beginning on the map, all alongside rooms with items, weapons, and shops.

Dead Estate‘s perspective and verticality add a lot to the game’s difficulty as well, as it can be hard to understand where some projectiles will land and some enemies can only be hit while jumping.

Chunks, this game’s version of Nemesis also makes going through the maps a tense experience. This is because at any point he can barge into a room and start attacking you, only respecting safe places like weapon shops and upgrade rooms.

I find it really humorous how the character selection screen has Jules showing her student ID, proving that she’s 20 years old. It feels like the developer’s way of saying: “She’s legal, go make some fanart”.

And speaking of fanart, there’s a good chance that you caught some Dead Estate fanart floating around, most likely of the game’s shopkeeper, Cordelia, which the Internet fell in love with since the game’s release.

You can meet Cordelia and watch a few runs on our gameplay video below:

Dead Estate’s character designs are all fantastic, blending stylish designs with horrible deformed creatures that explode in pus and blood and when killed.

It shows that there’s still a lot of soul that goes into indie games, it seems to be a trend with games that came from Newgrounds, always oozing with style from all of its orifices, as gross as it may be.

Dead Estate is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).


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