Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Has Broken Previous Sales Record At Play-Asia

dead or alive xtreme 3 02-29-16-1

We’ve just learned (via Dualshockers) that Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 has broken all previous sales record for the Hong Kong based company Play-Asia.

When asked for more details regarding the sales numbers, Play-Asia responded that the game holds the current record for pre-order copies sold by a single game from any region, surpassing Bandai Namco’s J-Stars Victory VS’s old record.

This comes after the huge controversy surrounding the title after it was revealed that Koei Tecmo had no intentions of bringing the title over to the west due to fears of heavy criticism aimed at the games depiction of women.

Some people dismissed these claims, and believed that they didn’t want to bring it over due to “poor sales” in the west.

With this new information, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of precedent it will set. Either we’ll see Japanese publishers become willing to bring over more risque titles to the west, or we can see a surge in Asian English releases now that it is apparent customers are willing to pay a premium to import.

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