David Jaffe: Iwata has “Earned the Right to Fail”

david jaffe

In one gloriously long twitter rant, as per his usual style, famed God of War and Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe has expressed a differing opinion from those who are asking for Nintendo President Satoru Iwata to step down, after the company reduced their Wii U sales forecast from 9 million units to a shocking 2.8 million units.

Jaffe is known for being outspoken in the games industry, previously he made the bold statement that Disney should buy Nintendo, in the same way they bought Lucasfilm. While that isn’t happening now, he did have some very thorough words regarding Nintendo’s current debacle with the Wii U. He said that Iwata has “earned the right to fail more than he has to this point,” claiming that he says that as both a gamer and a stockholder.

He likened Nintendo’s struggles with the Wii U to Sony’s long battle to make the Playstation 3 profitable, a process that took nearly 4 years by most accounts. He went on to say that if Sony were to clean house because the Playstation 3 didn’t perform as hoped, all of the knowledge, understanding, and hard lessons learned at the company would have never happened.

Imagine how much Nintendo is learning already with how the Wii U is currently performing, and how much they’ll change up their strategy moving forward. In a way, I totally agree with him as the Sony we see now is a completely different company than the one we saw emerging from the Playstation 2’s success.

You can find the start of his twitter rant around 7AM on January 17th.

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