Darknet is a Hacker Virtual Reality Come True

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There are lots of fun and interesting Oculus Rift prototype games out there, but the one E McNeill developed, titled simply Darknet, is definitely one of the more unique takes on virtual reality. It was so popular in fact that it earned him $10,000 dollars in the 2013 VR game jam.

The game takes a page from 70s, 80s and early 90s B-level hacker movies like Johnny Mnemonic and The Lawnmower Man, and adapts it into a literal playable visual representation of what those movies envisioned the digital and hacker future would look like. It looks something like this when it’s in action:

E McNeill had this to say in an interview with Polygon:

“I started with the most cyberpunk movie of all: Johnny Mnemonic. God, that one was awful. But after that, I buried my expectations, and I was pleasantly surprised byHackers, The Lawnmower Man, and the TRON film. None of them seem like masterpieces to me, but they’re lovable in their own way.”

Although you’ll be able to further your hacking abilities through new equipment that you can buy with stolen money, grinding is not a part of the equation. Your skill is totally the main part of the equation, as you’ll have to learn how to strategically inject your hacking modules into various systems, in the ultimate goal – complete control.

Clearly, the game is meant to be played with the Oculus Rift, which is not yet available to the public in retail form – it’s still in a prototype phase. Although a price has not been confirmed (if any), the game is on track to be released officially once the final retail hardware for the Oculus Rift is launched.

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