Darkest Dungeon is Finally Launching on January 19

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Red Hook Studios have confirmed the final launch date for Darkest Dungeon, their twisted RPG that has been in Early Access since February of this year.

The Kickstarter-funded game will be launching on PC and Mac via Steam on January 19th of next year.

“We are truly on the home stretch, and we are incredibly excited to bring this game to completion…and beyond!,” said the developer on their Kickstarter blog.

If you want to grab the game while it’s still in Early Access, you can find their Steam page here.

Brandon Orselli


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  1. Softclocks
    October 16, 2015 at 1:22 am

    Is it worth getting ib early access? Been eyeing it for some time.

  2. bgrunge
    October 17, 2015 at 12:36 am

    I don’t know if it’s worth getting at all. Basically my experience was this: “Oh, this game is awesome! Awesome atmosphere, dangerous as fuck, ok, level up my town a bit, finally manage to get some characters leveled up a bit without dying, lets use those to help some other lower leveled characters get leveled up to- WHAT THE FUCK. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WONT DO AN EASY MISSION. WHAT THE FUCK HERO. FUCK THIS”

    Basically, the game lets your characters level, but refuses to allow characters of a certain level participate in missions they consider beneath them. Nevermind that a key part of the game is stress management and the building fear and horror your heroes experience- you’d think they’d be grateful for a milk run.

    But no, to artificially maintain the difficulty level, characters can only participate in missions that are challenging to them, which pretty much negates the entire purpose of leveling. Like, if you gain a level but all the monsters you can possibly fight do too, you haven’t really changed at all. You might as well remove the leveling feature entirely.

    It’s a horribly lazy and unnecessary “solution” to a non-problem- apparently the devs were afraid people would farm low level missions. Any other game would just have a sharp resource curve so that farming is unrewarding and you have to beat harder missions to progress. But no, Darkest Dungeons basically punishes you for leveling your characters, because you then become unable to use them on the missions that you’ve been doing. Until they fix that massive glaring flaw in the game design that somehow manages to make winning suck, I’d steer clear.