Darkest Dungeon Composer Asks YouTube to Stop Copyright Strikes Against Streams Due to his Music

Darkest Dungeon Copyright Strike Music

Video game composer Stuart Chatwood has asked YouTube to not copyright strike those streaming Darkest Dungeon for using his music.

The Tea Party band member had created music for the Prince of Persia series (2003 to 2008), along with Darkest Dungeon. However, Chatwood claims those streaming Darkest Dungeon on YouTube have been getting copyright strikes for using his music. At least one Twitter user confirmed this happened to them.

“Hi @YouTube” Chatwood tweeted, “Can please you stop sending @DarkestDungeon streamers copyright flags for using my soundtrack Gamers have my permission to post/monetize videos of their gameplay/tutorial videos. I’d appreciate a credit in their video descriptions but they can keep the money.”

“They already bought the game. I understand if the game had a Beatles track and @PaulMcCartney wanted to get paid but that’s not the case here.” The flagging had likely occurred due to automated bots; something that have often been heavily criticized for inaccuracy and lack of context.

Chatwood also tweeted that he had granted permission for the game’s soundtrack on Twitch. The streaming platform has also recently been in the news for how they have tried- and failed- to deal with DMCA strikes against streamers due to music.

On November 11th of this year, Twitch recommended users not play copywritten music during their streams, after a large surge of DMCA claims and purging thousands of videos without warning. They also recommended users should review their VODs of older streams and Clips, and delete any that contain such music. Many felt this response was insulting.

Earlier this month, Twitch once again upset users by asking them to delete VODs and Clips they made from the Fortnite Nexus War event to avoid DMCA strikes. This was due to it using the AC/DC song Demon Fire. Epic Games had previously stated that those who uploaded VODs of the event to YouTube would be able to monetize them for 90 days, and not receive takedown notifications thereafter.

Darkest Dungeon is available on Windows PC, Linux, Mac (all via GOG, and Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and iOS.

Darkest Dungeon II enters Early Access in 2021 on Windows PC via the Epic Games Store.

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